Productivity Toolbox

This year I opted for simplicity and centralized knowledge. I have abandoned a lot of tools and kept only a few of them. The main reason was to manage tools and not being managed by them.

Tools I use for my personal life and work.

  • DEVONthinkA smart document management which helps me externalize memory, collect, analyze, summarize and keep my data organized in a central repository. Its built-in artificial intelligence function automatically classify’s new information based on how you filed similar documents. I use Devonthink to store only my private data.
  • Evernote  A digital note-taking app used to capture  notes from books I read, particular phrases or passages clipped from the web, important notes from my daily work, scanned receipts, documents I receive by mail, ideas and everything else I have on my mind. My word processor for short stories and articles. (Upgrade to Premium for a month for FREE to try it out)
  • TextExpander –  Saves me time and keystrokes also check’s spelling and grammar
  • OmnifocusMy personal task management app which make use of Getting Things Done method by David Allen.
  • Banktivity –  Tracks my expenses helping me keep a balanced budget.
  • Canva A simple to use web based design tool.
  • HealthMy movement and sleep tracker.
  • Xmind –  An effective graphical representation of my ideas, concepts and thoughts.
  • Vmware FusionMy virtualization lab, it helps me create an environment where I can build and develop all my nerdy passions.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – It helps me create, modify and sign digital documents for work and personal use.
  • Calibre – The all in one  solution for all my e-book.

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